Before you read my take on John and Craig’s take on this loving and lovely tribute to her husband written by the then-dying Amy Krouse Rosenthal, read the actual article here:  Why You May Want To Marry My Husband.    (Amy died on March 13, 2017)

Go ahead.  Read it.  I’ll wait.


Sorry about that.  Especially if you’re at work, because now I’ve made you cry in front of your coworkers.  Now you will have to listen to John and Craig talk about the kind of movie this article would make — which will cause you to cry all over again.  Craig defines it right:  Sad and sweet.   He quotes Amy’s cheeseburger line as a “pretty amazing sentence.”  And I couldn’t agree more.  He also explains “glurge.”

This blog post at this point is glurge.  I’m not going to ruin it for you.  Listen to the podcast for yourself.

Special Guest Irene Turner says she would turn down writing this movie because she wouldn’t know when to start.

Craig says he would turn it down out of respect for Amy.

John says there’s a movie there, but it would be a challenge because the writer would have to make sure it captures Amy’s lovely prose.  However, we should not be afraid, he says, to tackle this wonderful article.  He compares it to when he used the book Big Fish as the jumping off point for his script for the film adaptation Big Fish.

I, thank you for asking, think this would be a fantastic movie to write.  It’s too melancholy for me to write, but I can see how it presents a great opportunity to tell a great story and pay tribute to Amy’s strong voice and sweetness itself.

So if you’re a screenwriter, and you are reading this, COMMENT below or on my facebook page, about how you would go about tackling this film.


One thought on “MORE

  1. My only particular thought on this would be that I would like to see how the letter and what the husband’s life is like after her death, how he still loves her just as much, would affect someone close to them. I had the urge to write a scene where a relative who has been struggling with anger and self-sabotage watches the husband do something simple, like put the refrigerator magnets back the way Amy used to have them, and just starts crying. And in my head, the relative just needed to see that good things aren’t fake fronts for secretly not good things, some good things are just good, even if they’re also sad. LOL maybe I’m sad today so I wrote myself in there. 😆


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