Why We All Matter

Why We All Matter

So last Friday, at 9:00pm, I got involved.

Through a mutual facebook friend (Pamela Daly, this means you), I discovered a campaign on Seed & Spark for Soiled Doves, a soon-to-be-shot pilot for the teevee.  Soiled Doves is a gritty female-centric Western with supernatural undertones.  It is also the lovechild of TeamRAD Productions.  More on them in a bit.

What separates this project from the thousands of others that are in the works all over this country at this very moment?  Let’s let TeamRAD answer that for you (from their Seed & Spark campaign):

Unlike most Westerns, our story is written by 3 women about 3 women. But we don’t stop there. Women will also be in the limelight behind the camera. Our pilot will be Directed and Produced by women, and we are committed to filling crew positions with many uber-talented ladies!


Those of you that know me, or follow this blog, see why I was immediately all-in on Soiled Doves.  If you’d like to see how all-in I was on Friday night, check out the comments under this post.

What happened was that Pamela made a cursory mention of the project needing to hit 500 followers on Seed & Spark –if they could, they had a matching donor who was willing to match the contributions made by the public up to a certain amount.  And what did that mean to TeamRAD?

Rebecca Holopter, one of the co-founders of TeamRAD Productions, explains it like this:

Hitting 500 followers on our Seed & Spark page means important meetings with PR, production companies and rental discounts. It means we received a $9,000 donation that goes straight to our pilot budget. Most importantly, it means we have 500 people who support us and want to see Soiled Doves come to life.

So, now that I’ve mentioned Rebecca’s name, let’s meet the whole TeamRAD (again, from their Seed & Spark campaign):

Verity Butler is a co-founder of TeamRAD Productions, originating from Houston, Texas. This blonde beauty can be seen asking for help in Clint’s Eastwood’s Sully and is an octopus lover.

Rebecca Holopter is a co-founder of TeamRAD Productions, hailing from Springfield, Missouri. This auburn artist starred in a film that Martin Landau vigorously clapped for, and she loves squirrels.

Darby Kennerly is a co-founder of TeamRAD Productions, hailing from Indianapolis, Indiana. This raven rascal can be heard hi-yah-ing across the Korean video game world and is a zebra fanatic.

In addition to that strong core, the Soiled Doves project also has:

Director, Lauren Tracy is the co-founder of Blue Fever Films, a streaming platform for the best video content focused on women. That’s right, she started a dang Netflix for women!  Check it out, https://www.bluefevr.com.  She was a former feature film editor, Lionsgate ‘Storytellers: New Voices of the Twilight Saga’ finalist, worked with NYU, Avid and briefly with the amazing Academy Award winning director Kathryn Bigelow (THE HURT LOCKER, ZERO DARK THIRTY) to bring financial award to female filmmakers.   She’s written and directed short films and music videos, and her feature film screenplay SWEET DESERT PALM was a Big Vision Empty Wallet 2015 Lab finalist.

Producer, Kristen Murtha is both a Producer and Production Manager with a Boston heart and a Hollywood mind. Her work has been seen by audiences on large and small screens around the globe, receiving recognition at over fifty film festivals as well as millions of views online. Kristen’s projects span all mediums: short film, branded content, music video, web series, television pilot, feature narrative, documentary and animated film. Her passions are compelling stories and unique experiences. Check out her website http://www.kristenmurtha.com.

The quickest and cleanest way to learn all about the project is to just go directly here:   www.teamRADtrain.com.

Now, getting back to Friday night, prior to that night, other than with Pamela, I hadn’t communicated with any of these women ever in my entire life.  However, I know the key to successful social media is to organically reach out to actual real people — and then to do so consistently.  I knew I had a core group of followers who would help me help TeamRAD if I got the word out.

And so I did.

And they did.

And you did.

And Pamela reached out to a handful of others.  And Rebecca, and Verity, and Darbs did too.  And together, we all, you all, got it done.  Pamela said it felt like waiting for the ball to drop on New Year’s Eve — and it really did.   We all took turn hitting REFRESH as we watched the tally inch from 480 towards 500.   495, 496, 497, and so on…

In a little over 2 hours, we hit and surpassed 500.  And people kept sharing, throughout the night.  Not only did we cover every time zone in the US, we had shares in Vancouver, Norwich, and London.

The next morning, Rebecca reached back out to me, and what she said to me, I will in return say to all of you:  “Thanks again for all your help!!!! You brought a lot of excitement to reaching that 500 goal!!!”


UPDATE:  I’ll post a little more about at the beginning of next week, but they have now officially entered the final week of their campaign.  They are currently up to 530 followers on Seed & Spark as I write this.  Here’s that link again if you want to join TeamRAD on their journey.


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