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Remember back to when you were a child.   There was that one teacher who inspired you to be your best, that one teacher who you wanted to never disappoint, that one teacher who made you feel so proud whenever she told you how proud you made her. That’s a great starting place to begin to understand Misty Leigh Butler, but she is also so much more than that.

In addition to being so inspiring, Misty possesses a commanding insight and embodies a captivating grace.  For her first book, Finally Spoken; Words of Hope, Misty received numerous positive reviews for her gentle uplifting wisdom.  In addition to being an author, Misty teaches piano to over thirty students, tutors children with autism, and assists as a support/respite provider for special needs individuals in community living situations.  She is actively involved in her church, and volunteers in her community.  Misty is eagerly working on her second book.


JON MEYERS:  Hi Misty — thank you so much for agreeing to this interview. I’ve told you before, you are VERY inspiring to me — but to clarify that a bit, the thing that inspires me about you is your ability to inspire others. In so many different ways. You wear so many hats — blogger, poet, songwriter, music teacher…am I forgetting something? Anyway, in all of these roles, you inspire other people in one way or another. Talk a little bit about that. What drives you to want to bring out the best in others?

Misty2MISTY LEIGH BUTLER:  I love seeing people discover something they’re passionate about and watching them become more confident as they throw themselves into it! Especially with the arts, people can develop so much creativity and can influence others through a song, poem, or painting. The world seems like such a cruel place at times; it’s a gift when humans try to add a little more beauty to it by creating art or inspiring others.

JM:  Great answer, Misty, great answer. Talk a little but about the people you come in contact with throughout a typical week. The settings, the interactions, student-aged and adults. And what are the different ways you bring out creativity in different types of people?

MLB:  During a typical week, I teach students ages 5 through adult. One time I taught an 84-year-old man! When I first started teaching, I didn’t realize the bonds I would develop. Both students and their families have become people I get to share life with. I’ve taught kids from a young age until they graduate high school or watched them go from being terrified in front of an audience to being confident. Every student has some areas they’re stronger in musically and some areas they’re weaker—whether it’s ear-training, sight-reading, muscle memory…. I love to find ways to develop a weaker skill and approach concepts from that angle.  Once students lose that fear of whatever their weakness is musically, we can get creative and attempt what they might have resisted before.

JM:  You give the coolest answers!  Cool, cool.  So that’s what makes inspiring your students so fulfilling.  What’s the other side of that relationship? What do the best students bring to the table? Well, that’s probably not the optimal way to phrase that — let’s try this: What traits do the students who excel possess? Are there common denominators?

MLB:  I love seeing students with passion and enthusiasm, students who connect with music and gain joy through making it a part of their lives!  Going even a level beyond that, however, to the most successful students are qualities which are often overlooked because they’re just not as “fun”—carving time to practice into an already busy schedule, drilling scales instead of playing on electronics…Music can be so enjoyable, we sometimes forget that’s not all it is. Certain stages of learning music can be repetitive, tedious, and grueling. Our culture has become so fast-paced, not everyone will persevere through those challenging phases, so I’m always encouraged when I see a student willing to put forth the effort, time, and self-discipline!

JM:  Yes, and you even give prizes!
[Editor’s Note:  Below is an actual reward slip Misty received recently from one of her students after she offered a prize if they would log their weekly practice times.]
JM:  Beyond teaching, another way you inspire is through your writing.  In fact it was through another writer, Monica Spees Ramsey, writing on your blog, that we first connected.  Your book, Finally Spoken: Words of Hope, has some really good reviews on Amazon.  One said, “Misty is an impressive first-time author. (I’m saying this as someone who works professionally as both a writer and an editor.) She has a delightful style, and there is a refreshing breeze coming from her short stories. As another reviewer wrote, I look forward to her second book.”    Do you think about what others liked about the first one, as you write your second one?  What can you tell us about the plans for the next one?

MLB:  I’ve gotten a lot of feedback that readers love hearing stories about my students. Every time I experience a meaningful moment with my students or they say something clever (which is often), I document it, because I know later it could be used to bring someone a smile or laughter.

My second book is in the works! It’s just such a long process! But worth it. The style and format will be similar to my first one—a collection of short pieces that can be read in intervals. Just like with music though, I keep thinking of new little touches to add or things to adjust. I love the creative process! I hope my writing is relatable and brings words of encouragement and joy. I pray that is what my readers leave with after finishing my book or other

JM:  So true.  Thank you so much for your time, Misty.  I’ve really enjoyed hearing you talk about your art and work.  Makes me want to go out and create even more
MLB:  Thank you so much!! Good luck with everything!
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Remember earlier in the year, when you, my loyal readers, helped put TeamRAD‘s Soiled Doves over the top during their crowdfunding campaign?  Well we have so many new readers who have joined us since then, I thought I would refresh everyone’s memories, so you could refresh your browsers’ bookmarks by adding all the links to Soiled Doves.

Plus, November is going to be a big month for this project, so I thought I would bring it back to front-of-mind for everybody.

TeamRAD consists of Verity Butler, Rebecca Holopter, and Darby Kennerly.


As you know, the reason I support TeamRAD, and other like-minded women-centric production teams, is that they are committed to making a change for female filmmakers in Hollywood.  This trio in particular is committed to creating complex female characters who are defined by who they are and not their male counterparts. In Soiled Doves, the female characters hold positions of power, are grounded in the real life given circumstances, and have full breaths of life.


When tragic, unexplainable events occur in the frontier town of Barlowe Springs, California, three very different women are forced to face challenges beyond the hardships of frontier life, and will realize the duality of nature.

With the grit and danger of Deadwood, the supernatural undertones of Twin Peaks, and the female camaraderie of Orange is the New Black, Soiled Doves, a one-hour supernatural western TV show, tells the story of three women embracing their pasts in order to save their town and the ones they love.


So, now go.  Connect.  Link.  Bookmark.  Favorite.  Follow.  Do all that social media-y stuff you do.

TeamRAD’s facebook page.

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Watch the SOILED DOVES trailer here.



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So this happened. As Yael Shavitt announced [here]on my Filmic The Page blog Friday morning at 7AM, Split: the Web Series had a matching donor for a 72 hour period to help them reach 100% on their Seed&Spark campaign.

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